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Defensive Driving Begins with Comprehensive Instruction

Learn how to share the road with others and safely transport your loved ones to and from their destinations. The Risk Reduction Program offered by Bells DUI, and our Defensive Driving course is geared toward making everyone a better driver.

Risk Reduction Program

The Risk Reduction Program is a 20-hour class required for those with DUI, drug possession, and some other convictions. We offer the DUI/RRP class every weekend except for some holidays. Our schedule runs the weekend typically and finishes on Monday evening. Some weekend classes wrap up on Mondays, and every six weeks we offer weekday classes.

The class begins with an assessment and a self-administered survey, which is computer scored and analyzed. The evaluation is nationally recognized and validated. Known as a NEEDS assessment, it helps a student understand his or her level of involvement with alcohol or drugs and how it is impacting the student's life.

An intervention component is a course that delivers therapeutic education over a 20-hour period. You'll get through the class as quickly as possible. Georgia's DDS only allows eight hours in a day and no more than four hours in one session, so our classes usually run for two full days and the following evening. Your assessment must be completed no later than the day before class begins and all fees are set by Georgia law and must be paid the day before class starts.


  • Assessment Fee: $100.00
  • 20-Hour Class: $235.00
  • Book Fee: $25.00
  • Total: $360.00

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving classes are not punitive but rather, educational. The defensive driving class defines vehicle crash causes and improves driver behavior. This six-hour class helps drivers avoid future traffic citations and reduce vehicle crash involvement, which will also reduce injuries, fatalities, and property damage.

Defensive driving classes are held almost every Saturday except for some holidays. Weeknight classes are offered once or twice a month. You must be enrolled by 4:30 pm the day before the course begins.


Insurance discounts may apply. Please call for pricing and information. A fee of $95.00 is set by Georgia law for point restoration or court-related reasons but is not set for insurance reduction.

DUI Cert. # 1350, 1351, 1352 | DDC Cert. # 929, 787, 849 | Drivers Ed Cert. # 125, 126